Sunday, July 29, 2007

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

We LOVE going to the Growers Market on Saturdays. It's fun to wake up early on a Saturday and head off to buy local fresh food. This Saturday we took Piper on her first trip to the market. She was so well behaved, everyone she met commented on how gentle and well mannered she was. Shaylee made sure to tell everyone about her her "pipper" Piper got some homemade doggy treats from the Black Dog Bakery. They are such a great size, perfect for the gazillion treats Shaylee gives her a day. Shaylee is soo tickled that the dog will actually "sit" when she tells her to.

We love having Breakfast at the market. One vendor makes the BEST french press organic coffee. She also makes sweets like biscotti, zuchinni bread, cookies and muffins. Every baked good she makes is made without refined sugars, eggs or dairy. They all still taste amazing! Although Shaylee wasn't too fond of the zuchinni bread. She was happy eating a peanut butter cookie. We got lots of goodies, including fresh local cheese, made from milk of Local cows. I can't wait to try it, It's fresh mozzarella cheese with homemade ring Bologna swirled together....yumm!! We also got some local honey, flowers, beets, onions and of course doggy treats!

I've found a great website that lists Farmers Markets all over the country. So check it out and see if there is a Farmers market near's a fun time for all!!

Local Harvest

You can also go to Food Routes for maps of local growers and farms in your area.


Michelle said...

sounds like a great way to start off the weekend! I saw in our paper there is a farmer's marker every weekend, I think we might try and go next weekend!

Nadine said...

Sis and I go every Saturday morning. We just discovered it this summer and are completely hooked.

Shannon said...

Cool! There is one in our city and I didn't even know it! Thanks for the link.

Mom to Rhett said...

Ooooh I love the farmer's markets in our area. They have yummy things!! Rhett likes to eat all of the samples. Hugs!

Leticia said...

We are blessed with lots of farm stands, I just love shopping there!
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