Friday, June 22, 2007

I have a silly girl!

Please, someone tell me how a child is soooo afraid of things like hanging lights and Balloons. But is in complete adoration of snakes, dragons, monsters, ghosts, and scary bears?? She is OBSESSED with Dragons, she talks about Dragons all day...I don't even know where she heard of Dragons.

Also......Sponge Bob. She has never ever watched sponge bob. But I was flicking through the cartoon channels and Sponge Bob was on. Shaylee yelled "Bunge Bob, wow" How does she know who he is?? It's mystifying!


Jessica said...

Hmmmm, interesting! We're all different in our own ways I guess!

Mom to Rhett said...

She is so funny!! She is soo cute too!!

~Melissa~ said...

Too funny! Dragons can be safe sometimes too - I had one painted above my bed when I was a kid to "catch" my bad dreams :)

p.s. I tagged you!

Shannon said...

That is funny! That's how I found out Gabi knew Spongebob too. I realized it was the daycare where she learned hers.

LeslieAnn said...

Oh, Shaylee would have a ball at our house. We are all SpongeBob freaks.

Jack loves anything to do with water...oceans, potties, puddles, spit, tubs,...but turn on the shower and he is outta there. He acts like it's hot pokers coming out of the shower head.

Shaylee is so sweet.

I tagged you too!