Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Settling in...

Moby is at his foster home and is doing great. He sounds like such a neat guy. He SMILES!! Big huge doggy smiles. We can't wait to meet him. Here is what his foster mom has to say about him

"He seems quite kid-safe so far. No food aggression, no sleep aggression. If I had a little one, I'd let him play with his toys outside only, just cuz he's so rambunctious with them. He's been around 3 kids so far, all Taylor's age. No issues. He was afraid of a huge ball the kids were playing with so he ran away. That's all he's shown fear of, and he got over it in 2 seconds, and watched out the window. So it was more of a startle than a fear. He's definitely not going to nip if he gets scared, as long as he can get away.
And he does some weird things. Daren swears that Moby SMILED at him when he came home yesterday. Like the closed mouth, pull back lips, show teeth smile. (I've never seen a smile in person before). He said it looked ferocious, but he was super happy. AND- he's a buzzsaw. This morning, I got out of bed and he was SOOOO happy to see me awake I guess - he BUZZED at me. I guess it's chattering, but that was funny! It was really loud, you'd think his teeth would hurt. He buzzed and rubbed his head all over me. Like a big cat purring. What a hoot!"

I can't wait to see him smile.....I've never seen a dog smile before. Shaylee is soo excited, she keeps telling me "goggy, peepee outside" "goggy, walk home" This means She wants to take the dog for a walk. "goggy, in there" as she points to the crate. She's even been putting some of her stuffed dogs in the kennel.

We went to a few yard sales last weekend and Shaylee found a very real looking stuffed bulldog. On the way home she kept pointing to his butt and saying poop, peepee. Is my child the only one obsessed about the word peepee and poop?? She 's a silly one!!!

We have some adjusting to do. John got switched to the day crew at work. It usually takes people years to move from nights to days, but John got in pretty quickly. He will now work 7:00 am to 7:00 pm two days on and two days off, and everyother weekend off. He bought a truck a few months ago (a much older one) and he can't find his emmissions parts (they don't make them anymore) so he can't get it inspected....ugggh! So we only have one car, which he takes to work. So I am home without a car until he finds a new truck. I'm just glad we only live a few blocks from Shaylees school. I can walk her to and from school.

O.k now i must get some housework done while Shaylee is at school.


~Melissa~ said...

I'm just now catching up! Moby is beautiful - I'm so glad you've found another dog, and it sounds like things will work out. I hope you get your car back soon - but congrats to hubby for getting days.

Michelle said...

glad to hear he sounds like such a wonderful dog! When he comes to live with you, you just have to get a picture of him smiling!