Saturday, May 19, 2007

He's home!!

We went to pick up Mister Moby last night. He is such a nuzzler, he's a sweet boy!! He seriously thinks he's a lap dog, First it's the nose, then his giant head and then he tries to fit his whole body on your lap. Did I mention he's HUGE!! He filled up the whole back of the van.

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He has been great, very curious. No whining and he really doesn't mind being in his Kennel. Actually he's in there right now and I don't hear a peep. He's very interested with the dog in the mirror looking back at him. He really wants to chase small animals, so right now it's a little stressful taking him out to go to the potty. Oh and this morning i saw the was a bit frightening, he looks mean, but I knew he was happy he was rubbing his head all over me and his tail was going in circles. We haven't really let Shaylee play with him too much yet, he's still a bit nervous. Today we might muzzle him a let her play. Keep your fingers crossed for us!! I hope he continues to be a good boy!!

Oh By the way his new name is Redford...Red for short. We picked the name because he's handsome like Robert Redford. I'll have to get some closeups of his face. He looks like he has 5 o clock shadow!


Michelle said...

I love his name! I really hope he works out for you guys! sounds good so far - and you've got to try and capture that smile!

Tara Marie said...

Much happiness with Sir Redford!

mum2brady said...

I hope it goes well and that Red and Shaylee get along famously :) Love his name :)

~Melissa~ said...

Great name! I hope it continues to go well - he seems like a sweetie!!

amy flege said...

wow. he is big... love his name!! i hope he is them perfect fit for your family!