Monday, May 21, 2007

7 Things about me

Michelle from Elliots Expeditions has tagged me to do a meme. I have to list 7 things about me.

1. I wish I lived in the 50's when women wore dresses everyday, wore aprons, and did their hair in curls and twists.

2. My dream is to open a children's boutique.

3. I love to learn new sewing techniques, my most recent is shirring. Up next...I would love to learn to smock.

4. I'm a fussy sleeper. The sheets have to be smoothed out, no wrinkles. I have to have some sort of white noise and I usually sleep with one earplug in.

5. I love tattoos. John and I are getting new ones this week. I'll share pictures!!

6. I hate crowds of people!!!

7. My best friend and I have been friends since we were in our mothers wombs. I talk to her many times daily.


~Melissa~ said...

I hate crowds too! Can't wait to see the tattoo pictures. :)

Michelle said...

can't wait to see the pics of your new tatoos!

I hate crowds too!

Michelle said...

I'll move to Pennsylvania and open a children's boutique with you! Sound good? Oh, and can you spare some of your courage? I've contemplated the tattoo thing and always psyche myself out of it! Great answers!!

Tara Marie said...

A fun me,me.......I love apron's also [but love my jeans]......and I can't wait to see the tatoos.

I owe you a size....I'm going right now to find a tape measure and get it for you.....

mum2brady said...

How fun to have a best friend like that - cool!!!

Can't wait to pics of your tattoos :)