Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where have we Been??!!

Wow, Life has been busy!!! We are keeping ourselves busy with lots of things! I've started Spring cleaning, I put out all my spring/easter decorations. Shaylee has gotten to a stage where if you leave her alone in a room she will destroy it in 10 seconds flat!! So I havn't had much time to sit down at the computer and upload pictures. But i do check blogs every morning while Shaylee and Dad get their morning cuddles.

Another reason why I've been so busy is because I'm starting an at home Business. I'm making hairbows, clips, tutus and other fun stuff. I've been busy making bows at night after Shaylee goes to bed. I'm stocking up to do some Craft Shows this spring. Hopefully this will get me enough money to start an online business. If/when I get a website, there will be much more to offer. Including custom handmade dresses, twirl skirts, petticoats, appliqued t-shirts, embelished jeans, mini tote bags and vintage pillowcase dresses. Also a section for Moms, including handbags, pins/brooches and some bows and flower clips for The Mommys. I'm thinking Big!!! With a website I will custom make everything to order, so I won't have to stock up and drive myself crazy making all that stuff!!

Oh, and we are going to adopt a GREYHOUND!!! yippee, our application should get to it's destination today. We are soooooo excited!!

My Birthday was March 2nd and I got an AWESOME Birthday gift from my husband! Let me explain....We never had a "Real" wedding. We got married in a courthouse! John was in the military and it was very hard to plan a wedding, we never knew if he would be out of the country or not, so we kept putting it off and putting it off. We hated being apart and he was spending a lot of money driving to PA for the weekend. So on a whim we went and got a marrige license and got married the next day at 7:45 on New Years Eve Day. So, needless to say....we never exchanged rings. So guess what he got me......A wedding band, a lovely one too!!! It's handcrafted by a local jeweler. All my jewelery is from the smae place, it's so unique and beautiful!! It has (3) .15 diamonds. I love it!!!
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I also dyed my hair brown. I hated keeping up with the roots. I don't think Blondes have more fun!!
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O.K i feel better now, I was really neglecting this little blog!


~Melissa~ said...

You've been busy! Your ring and hair look great. Good luck with the business planning! The hairbows and jeans you made in the post below look so cute!!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful ring!! And I love the color of your hair! Sounds like you guys have been busy! Good luck with keeping Shaylee from destoying your house!!

Michelle said...

I've been wondering where you were! :) Your hair looks great! and wow that ring is gorgeous! Happy belated bday! Good luck w/your at home business...you're so creative though, I think you'll do great!

amy flege said...

so glad to see an update on you guys!!! you have been busy for sure.
congrats on the business. mayson loves her hair bows and tu tu!!! thank you soo much
oh and LOVE the hair!!!

amy flege said...

oh love the ring too!! its gorgeous!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hello! What a sweet blog you have! Your daughter is just beautiful and I was laughing when I saw the post with the messy room!

I live in PA too! I am new to blogging and just started mine the other day...this is fun! Thanks for sharing!


MaryB said...

What a great hubby to get you the gorgeous ring. This is my first visit here, and just wanted to tell you that you have a cutiepie daughter. I also live in PA.

Rebecca said...

Happy much belated birthday. You look wonderful, and that ring is just perfect for you.

Tara Marie said...

Oh, the ring is beautiful....and I love, love, love your new hair color....just wonderful!