Sunday, January 07, 2007

Finally...Happy 2007

I'm finally getting around to posting Shaylees montage. All my pictures were so unorganized, so it's a bit scatterbrained. But one of my new years resolutions is to organize my pictures better. I had such a hard time getting the music for the montage, it had to be "Upside down" by Jack other song would have been right.

2006 was a year of firsts for Shaylee....her fist steps were taken in 2006, her first trip to the beach, first time to the Buddy walk in NYC, her first car, her first day at school. It was an EXCITING year!!!

Enjoy the Montage of Shaylee "2006"


Rebecca said...

As I mentioned on T21, this is a marvelous montage of Shaylee's year.

Jodie said...

Thank you so much! Shaylee is beautiful. I am excited to get to meet so many new friends as a result of Tyler having that little something extra! Can't wait to read more about all of you!

mom2rhett said...

Oh Shaylee is so beautiful!!! Wow!! You are more than welocme to add Rhett's Journey to your site!! We would like to add yours too!!!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful montage of Shaylee! I really liked the sunflower pictures!

Michelle said...

what a great montage of Shaylee's year! You captured so much and it was so fun to look back over all she's done last year!

O_Scientist said...


Thanks for sharing,


causa nostra laetitiae said...

I loved it! Shaylee's sunny personality and adorable face really make for a great montage.
I loved the pic of Daddy flinging her through the air!
My little Christina is a real Daddy's girl too.We went to the Buddy Walk in NYC in 2005, and missed you this year. Maybe we'll make next year.

Trixie said...

what a beautiful girl you have! Congrats on a GREAT year!