Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Did someone disconnect my brain???

Miss Shaylee has been chomping at the bit to go somewhere. She keeps bringing me her shoes and coat. So today i figured we would do some shopping for some spring clothes. We drove about 20 mins. to T.J Maxx. I forgot my freakin purse! I had no money, no credit cards, no checkbook.

Michelle could you spare some ice cream??!!!


Kathleen Marie said...

Ohhh... I hate it when I do things like that! But well, look on the bright side, you didn't forget Miss Shaylee!

Michelle said...

I had to laugh at Kathleen's comment - you didn't forget Shaylee! LOL I hate when I go off base and forget my ID card!

Come on over for some ice cream!

amy flege said...

haha...sorry i had to laugh at that one!! but it soooo sounds like something i would do!! hope you enjoyed the ice cream. hehe