Friday, January 12, 2007

Curious Shaylee

Shaylee loves Curious George. One thing that curious George does a-lot is he scratches his head when he's thinking. Now Shaylee scratches her head when she thinks. It is so funny. If you ask her a question she sits and scratches her head and says "ummm" and then answers you. Here is a clip of her today. I asked her what movie she wanted to watch. Enjoy the clip!


Anonymous said...


I love your site, your daughter is beautiful. I run a site and was wondering if you would want to share your daughter's story
and be a support to others. We are a prolife,faithbased support group.
God bless,

Michelle said...

Shaylee you are too cute! What an adorable video, I love how she "thinks"!

Beck said...

Ha! Funny Shalee! What a cutie!

Jessica said...

Shaylee, you're too cute!

Kathleen Marie said...

She is so adorable and precious! My kids all loved Curious George. Love your front porch photo...that is so sweet and peaceful looking. Thanks for stopping by my blog!