Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All i have to say is......

2 weeks ago......sinus infection, ear infection. Dr. gave Shaylee Omnicef. Got massive Diarrhea, accompanied by a horrible diaper rash.

Last Sunday.....Stomach flu

This past Saturday...Stomach flu again.

Now......Runny nose, cough

Ugghh...Darn those preschool germs!!!!

So that's why I havn't posted in awhile. Hopefully this current cold won't wipe her out too much.


Michelle said...

I've been wondering where you were! I'm so sorry to hear she's been sick with one thing after another! Get well soon Shaylee!

Eagles Wings said...

I am so sorry you have a rough time...I know I hate those preschool germs too! Big brother brings them home to his twin brothers all the time :-)

amy flege said...

oh man, that just stinks! i hope you are germ free soon!! feel better shaylee!!

mum2brady said...

Oh no :( That nasty stomach flu :( I hope that Shaylee is done for the winter and that those preschool germs stay away!!! Hugs!