Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas House Tour

Well, I've decided to do this neat thing going on in Blogville. Boo Mama'sChristmas Homes tour. Come take a look at some of our Christmas decorations, but don't mind the toys scattered and the half eaten piece of toast on the floor. I just made some Mexican wedding cookies and i have some Bananna Bread in the oven right now, It smells great!!

Here is our Dining room table.
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Here is a close up of my table centerpiece. It has some dried pomegranites, limes and oranges resting on the greens.
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The hutch is always decorated for each season.
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My funky little snowman hanging out on a shelf in the dining room.
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The tree is in the living room. I didn't have any part in the decoration of the tree, that is all done by my husband....trees arn't my thing. He put some neat, retro bubble lights they look really neat when it's dark.
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My husband loves to set up Villages, and is always looking for new houses. He did one on top of our closet.
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And a farm scene on an end table.
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Thanks for taking my christmas homes tour. Happy Holidays!!


Miriam said...

What a beauiful job you've done decorating for Christmas. I love the red plates in your hutch and the very natural centerpiece on your table. Does it smell good, too? I have some bubble lights for our tree that were my grandmother's. They are so cool!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So Pretty! I love your tree and the villages are just too cute! Thanks for the tour and the banana bread! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Pamela said...

Just beautiful! The centerpiece with the dried fruit just sings to my heart. Love your tree and that Village scene that your hubby set up on the closet shelf is incredible! I have never seen one like it! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Mrs. B said...

Your decorations are lovely! Thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas!

Chris said...

The villages are very cute!

Thanks for having us over.

Merry Christmas

Shelley said...

Great job - I am loving the Christmas house tours - am hoping to get mine up tomorrow. Merry Christmas

Rebecca said...

Beautiful decorations Miranda.

gail said...

Great decorations! Your table and hutch look so good. Thanks for sharing it!

Susanne said...

The red dishes are just beautiful as is the centerpiece. Love the village too!

Jen said...

Oooooooooo I like your hubbys houses
I have always admired these miniture houses
maybe one day . . .

Sarakastic said...

I am so envious of the red dishes & a husband who helps decorate. Thanks for having me over.

amy flege said...

your place looks so festive!! you guys do a great job!! your centerpiece is gorgeous!

Tammy and Parker said...

Just beautiful! I love the dishes and charger plates! And those fun!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you participated! Your hubby did a great job on the tree! Your villages are perfect and I love your place settings and center piece!

Mrs. Darling said...

How sweet that your husband does so much of the decorating! Everything looks beautiful. I joine the tour so feel free to come on over and see my pics.

Kelli said...

Your hutch is gorgeous and your village is wonderful! Thank you for having us over!

owlhaven said...

Lovely house!!!

Mary, mom to many

My tour is up at my place

Overwhelmed! said...

Miranda, I love your decorations! I wish I had a hutch. I'd decorate it according to the seasons too!

Hey, you had a question about my Roly-Poly santa cookies that I had posted.

Let's see, I didn't have to use a lot of the red food coloring to get that dough such a vibrant red. I think I used 2 Gerber baby spoonfuls. The great thing about the food coloring PASTE that the recipe calls for is that it's much more concentrated than the liquid stuff. I buy my food coloring pastes at Michael's but I'm sure you could find it elsewhere.

I hope that helps. Tell me if you end up making the cookies, will you? :)