Monday, December 04, 2006

6 Weird things about me

Jess from Raising Joey has tagged me to do this meme.

So here it goes......I hope no-one thinks I'm too!!

1. I can't be the passenger in a car, other peoples' driving freaks me out.
2. When I'm at the grocery store or shopping, I always have a hand on the cart or stroller.....I'm always afraid someone will take off with Shaylee
3. I'm terrified of needles....but I have five tattoos.
4. I love buying shoes.....even if i know I'll never wear them.
5. I'm a Hairstylist, but i havn't had my hair trimmed in over 6 months (tisk, tisk)
6. I think Marilyn Manson is sexy (yes...i know what you're thinking!)

I don't really know anyone who hasn't been tagged so I'm not going to tag anyone. But if anyone wants to do this meme...go ahead.


Jessica said...

Great answers! I don't think you're too weird! We're all weird in our own sense!

Michelle said...

ewww to Marilyn Manson LOL

I had to laugh that you're afraid of needles but have 5 tatoos!