Friday, November 17, 2006

That's mine!

Since Shaylee started preschool her language has really picked up. Her words are as clear as a bell and she's starting to use some simple sentences. Her new thing is "ohh noooo, What did i doooo" She has also picked up "that's mine" two little words I didn't want to hear, lol! But they are clear words so I'll take what i can get :) She now loves to go to school (or "cool" according to her) when we drop her off in the morning we can't even get a "bye" she runs right inside and can't wait to get to her classroom. She has a long vacation...she won't go back to school until the 29th.

Another thing she's learned is how to cross her eyes. I guess t is my fault for making funy faces at her. Now she cosses them quite I'm a litte worried. She goes to the doctor next tuesday and I'm going to see about an eye exam. I hope nothing is wrong. But her eye crossing is usually when she is making her funny fish face....I hope it's just a phase. What do you think?

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Silly isn't it? She makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Not the "thats mine!". My friends daughter says that about everything! It sounds like she really does love school!!

I'm sure the eyecrossing is just her trying to be funny!

Jen said...

Preschool is so so so good for children
but i would say that i have my bachelor in early childhood education :)

Deb said...

She's so cute! I agree, I think it's just a phase. :)

You have an awesome blog; I love the design.

Thanks for stopping by mine.

Michelle said...

I think it sounds like it's a phase with her eyes and she's just copying you - especially if she only does it while making the funny fish face!