Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secrets to a happy marriage (snort)

O.k First let me say, I finally got the courage to enter the attic of our house (which was once my grandparents house) I found lots of treasures up there.....vintage and retro galore........I was in heaven. I found old board games, a folder full of Natalie Wood paper dolls (Shriek), old prom dresses, dolls, teacups, and newspapers. The finding of the newspapers is what prompted this post. I found a cut out of a newspaper article "Secrets to a Happy Marriage" this was an Ann Landers article. It's amazing how the times have changed...this article was written in 1971.

The Secrets to a Happy Marriage

1. If he says, "I won't be home for dinner tonight, don't wait up for me" don't ask where he is going. Such a question gives the impression you do not trust him.

2. If he comes in very late, don't ask hime where he's been. Such a question gives the impression you are insecure.

3. Keep his clothes in perfect condition.

4. Keep his stomach full.

5. Keep his car clean.

6. Keep the kids quiet and away from him when he comes home at night. Questions can drive a father crazy- especcialy if he doesn't know the answers.

7. Give him plenty of sex no matter how tired you are or what kind of day you've had.

8. Don't ask him for money.

9. Starve yourself if you must, but stay a size 10 forever. Never mention the fact that he had gained 30 pounds and the seams of his pants are splitting.

10. Don't tell him your troubles. A woman who stays at home all day shouldn't have any.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the laugh!! Hard to believe she actually published that - yes how times have changed!

It must be neat to go through all the treasures in the attic!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Times have changed!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my I recall reading this before. Isnt it just ridiculous?

Christina said...

I am considering prinitng it out and putting it on my refrigerator which has the magnet "Whatever You Say dear"... Which I only have there because I love sarcasm. This was fun to read :-)

Anonymous said...

I had my husband read that too and he got a laugh out of it too! Also, you've been tagged! Go to my blog for details!

mum2brady said...

How cool that you found so many treasures!!! That is so fun! The article made me laugh, my husband would be truly pampered to receive such "wifing" LOL No freakin' way :)

LeslieAnn said...

#7 is particularly comical!