Friday, October 06, 2006

Ruby Slippers and Apron Strings

O.K, So my new "other" Blog Ruby Slippers and Apron Strings is just a side project. I will continue to post About Shaylee on a regular basis. Ruby Slippers is going to by my blog. The content will mostly be about Cooking, Crafting, Junking, Decorating and my Ramblings (mamma needs a creative outlet!) Hope you check it out and find something usefull.

I decided on the Name "Ruby Slippers and Apron Srings" because of my love of Shoes, Red and The Wizard of OZ. I also have a passion for Vintage Aprons, and i have quite a big collection, I can't get enough!!!! Im Addicted to Aprons!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for explaining! :)