Sunday, October 08, 2006

Grains Of Gratitude

My Five Things I'm Greatful for this week

1. Our Buddy Walk is today!!! I'm so greatful we get to spend the day with such amazing friends.

2. I'm so greatful for the Kids in Shaylees Preschool class for embracing her and taking her under their wings. She is doing better and better at school everyday!

3. I'm Greatful for the Wonderful article in the Newspaper that was written about Shaylee. I will type it out soon (it's been on my "to Do" list for a couple of weeks!)

4. Shaylees viral Rash is starting to go away.

5. I will be greatful for Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Why you ask? Because John has been working his butt off at work for 11 straight nights (12 hour shifts) he has these two days off!! Finally time to decorate for Halloween!

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Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Michelle said...

Have fun at the buddy walk; can't wait to see the pictures!

Great list of things to be grateful for too - and hurry up with the article I want to read it LOL

mum2brady said...

What a wonderful list Miranda! Thanks for joining in! Your buddy walk looks like it was so much fun!!!