Saturday, October 14, 2006

5 things meme

I was tagged by Michelle from Big Blueberry Eyes to do this 5 things meme.

1. Five minutes to yourself. How would you spend them?

In the Bathtub glass of wine in hand and Regina Spektor playing in the Background.

2. Five dollars to spend right now. How or where would you spend it?

At the Thrift store. I once found a lovely huge chandelier for $5, so Five bucks goes a long way at the thrit store!

3. Five items in your house you could part with right now.

All the Laundry that needs done, the old gross carpet, everything in the Garage, Bills and Dog Hair

4. Five items in your house you absolutely, positively could never part with.

The 2 people who live here with me :) My shoes (however impractical and useless they are) Shaylees books and toys, My Stove and My books.

5. Five words you love.

I (points to eye) Ove (hands over chest) you (pointing to mommy) Tickle and Bear (which sounds like Beer)

Hmmm........who do I tag?? How about.....
Amy Rebecca and My MIL Mary

Have Fun ladies!


Anonymous said...

Mine is up

Michelle said...

great answers; thanks for playing along :)

mum2brady said...

Great list!!! I love you is the best phrase in the whole world :) I can just imagine Shaylee saying it...