Sunday, September 10, 2006

Grains of Gratitude

Christine from Bradys Bunch Has Started "Grains of Gratitude" Each Sunday we write 5 things we are greatful for that week. If you would like to join in go visit her and leave a comment so everyone can see what you're greatful for.

Things I'm greatful for.

1. I'm greatful for all the friends and family that came and celebrated Shaylees 3rd Birthday with her and gave her so man nice gifts.

2. Trisomy 21, I'm greatful for all the new experiences, new friends and all the magic that comes along with raising a child who has T21.

3. I'm greatful that Shaylees' Birthday cake turned out great.

4. My Husband, John. Who isn't afraid to say "yeah I made Shaylee's dress", do silly things just to make Shaylee laugh, and lets me sleep in when he dosn't have to work.

5. Last but not least......The internet. I can post updates on Shaylee to keep family members updated on all the amazing things she's up to. And also for allowing me to meet other great moms.

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mum2brady said...

Thanks so much for joining in "Grains of Gratitude" :) I have to say again - I LOVE that your hubby made Shaylee's dress - that is just the coolest thing! And - I think that T21 is magical too, and I feel very blessed to have it and Brady in my life :) Shaylee is so beautiful, and I'm so happy she had such a great time celebrating her very special 3rd birthday!!!

Thanks again for joining in!

Michelle said...

what a great list you have here!

Overwhelmed! said...

I love your "grains of gratitude" list. Perfect!

Brony said...

I love the list.