Friday, September 15, 2006

Friendship Friday

Sandra From Diary of a SAHM has started Friendship Friday.

Do you have a friend you would like to honor? Maybe they did something special for you, or were there through a rough period in your life. Maybe they helped you move or brought over chicken soup when you were sick, watched your kids for you?

My friend i would like to honor is my Best friend Mandy. Her mom used to babysit me when I was 2 years old. We have been best Friends ever since. We survived high school and bad Boyfriends together. But most important....we had babys around the same time, so now Shaylee will have a Forever Friend, just like we did.

I wasn't going to say anyhting to anybody about what we did last night, but Here goes....................We drove around our town in old lady grey wigs with an action figure hanging by a string out of the window (if you've seen Napoleon Dynamite you'll know what i mean) and we had both our kids in the backseat. They will have to get used to our antics while their young. We had lots of fun, but i don't think anyone really noticed our attepmts at re-creating the Napoleon Dynamite scene. We were both in our mommies bellies when they worked at Woolrich Factory together, we both agree that something must have gone terribly wrong at work and they breathed in some kind of Fumes that made us the way we are LOL! I could go on Forever about all the great times we've had, but come to think of it I can't really Remember some of the great times we had, lol!! I have an awesome picture of us at age 2, but i can't find it. We both had something on our heads and one shoe missing. Well I'll leave it at that.

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sandra said...

Miranda I LOVE your blog, I wish I had found it sooner, I've already added you to my blogroll :)

Thank you for playing along, it sounds like you have such a wonderful friend :)

Thank you for dropping by my blog, and I would be thrilled if you linked me :)

Have a wonderful friday,