Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pretty Mother and Daughter Picture NOT!!!!!!

I just spent 2 hours getting ready to go out to a nice dinner....doing my hair, putting on makeup, getting dressed in a pretty summerdress and I even shaved my legs AND armpits AT THE SAME TIME!!! I thought that because i rarely post any pictures of myself on my blog this would be a great opportunity to get a nice picture of Me and Shaylee together. Shaylee had other plans! As soon as i picked her up to have John take some pictures that's when the stiffening herself up and the bulldog pout came out. Like the mere seconds of me holding her where the worst 5 seconds of her life. She has been such a stinker (putting it lightly) lately. We were going to go out for a nice dinner, but Shaylee changed our plans. It has been a long time that we have went out for dinner and i decided that i wasn't going to let her poopy attitude ruin it. So now i sit in the living room in my pajamas.....pissed off! I rarely ever rant on here but her attitude has gotten way out of hand!! I have no idea how to punish her, I won't giver her spankings and she thinks it's funny when you put her in a chair to sit for time out. Aggggh...i'm out of ideas.

So here is the lovely picture!
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RNP said...

Oh goodness, I am so sorry. I certainly know how little one's attitudes can make or break our dates. You both look great even if the both of you aren't smiling.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry that toddler attitued ruined your dinner! Did you still go out at least?

I try to avoid eating out with Kayla at all costs! It doesn't make for a pleasant dining experience, I get frustrated, so why bother! She won't sit still in her chair, she wants to get down and run around the restaurant, most times she won't eat...It's just not enjoyable!

I feel for you!

mum2brady said...

Oh what a bummer :( Sorry you didn't get dinner or your picture. I know how you feel - it's happened at my house before too. I think the toddler attitude is just something you have to deal with for a little while - then it's the preschooler attitude, then it's the gradeschooler attitude, then the jr. high schooler attitude, and I'm just embarking on the highschooler attitude - so I'll let you know how that goes LOL

You still look beautiful all dressed up. Hope you get a chance to go out again soon!!!

amy flege said...

even though you went through all that stress, i think your picture is beautful. what is better than a mommy and her lil girl pix!!!!

gardeningram said...

I think that you need to send her on a plane to gram's house. Two of her cousins are here at the time and they could really teacher her some tricks. They are really good girls but they are 10 and 12 so they have had a lot more experience than Shaylee.

She really just sounds three to me but I must go so that I get to the airport to meet her plane.

gardeningram said...

I am sorry that you did not get to go out. Kids just kind of do that sometimes. Her father did alter our plans from time to time.

I did love the pic though as you two don't have that many on here.

Miranda said...

Thanks everyone, I now Know I'm not the only one going through the Toddler Attitude stages.

Michelle- We didn't go out, we put Shaylee to bed and ordered a cheesesteak and watched a stupid movie. But we had fun.

But Momma said...

These kind of pictures can make very funny Christmas Cards. I have a drawerful to choose from this year! Hope you get to go out to eat soon. It's always the little things! :)