Saturday, August 26, 2006

Finally, a good Mother Daughter Picture!!

Yay! Photoucket finally let me upload today! I tried yesterday and photobucket was down for matinence, so maybe there was a problem with the site.

I finally got my Mother and Daughter Picture. We went to Bellefonte, PA for an Arts festival and they have a beautiful park in the middle of the town. A small creek runs through the center of the park, Shaylee loved feeding the fish and ducks. We managed to get some really great pictures of the two of us. It is very rare to have us both looking the same way. I kept tell her "look, Daddy's got a duck on his head" then she would shout "where's the duck?" It's kind of silly, but it got her attention long enough to take a quick picture.

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I love the look on Shaylees face on this one, she's trying to Feed me the flower.
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gardeningram said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!! You are both so photogenic that it is no wonder they are good and with you two in the pic it is no wonder. The background is good too.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pics!!

amy flege said...

Oh those pictures are the best!! Nothing better than mommy and daughter pictures.. oh and by the way, you have tagged!!!!!

RNP said...

Wonderful photos!

Jessica said...

Beautiful photos! I love the black eyed susans in the background... they're my favorite flower!

mum2brady said...

What great pics - I love em!!! You guys are beautiful!!!