Thursday, August 24, 2006

Darn Photobucket!!

I have lots of great pictures to share, but Photobucket won't let me upload my pictures. I have been having problems for about a week now. I tried Flickr, but have had the same problems. It's so fustrating, i have been staying away from the computer. But anyways, we finished painting our dining room, we chose beige, and one wall is a rich colored red, it makes the room look longer. I love the way it turned out! We are planning our Trip to NYC, we are so excited to go! Shaylee has had her evaluations for her upcoming switch to Blast. Soon she will start pre-school. YIKES!! I am going to start her out only going 2 days a week for a couple of hours. She just got some new sneakers yesterday and she loves to run in them! I wish i had some pics to share, but maybe My computer is just having some technical difficulties. Who knows........but i hope it all irons out soon, after Sept. 17th we'll have lots of pictures to share from the Buddy Walk in NYC.


Jessica said...

Photobucket can be difficult sometimes. Have fun in NYC!

Michelle said...

how frustrating that you can't get pictures up - I want to see new pics of Shaylee! LOL

I was going to suggest maybe you have reached the limit in photobucket (that happened to me before an I couldn't upload anymore until I deleted some) but then you said you couldn't upload any to flickr either! Hmm...I hope you can get them posted soon!

amy flege said...

awe man, sorry about your computer ish having issues. that is sooo maddening!!

RNP said...

Hi Miranda, I just emailed you about the flickr. I am an avid user, and it is pretty simple to use once you learn the routine. I created a tutorial for you.

I can't wait to see new photos of Miss Shaylee.