Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you all had a good day, and full bellies! We had gloomy weather today. But yesterday was when we really celebrated. We went to our familys river lot and had a picnic and a huge firework show. Shaylee fell asleep right as the fireworks were starting, she slept right through the whole show. I wish i could sleep like that!!!

We just finished painting this week and today we hung things up on the walls, Shaylee took a long nap (which is very rare!!) Around 6:00 we went to our towns fourth of July celebration, which runs all week, We got some pizza and Shaylee played fish and won a blow up butterfly and then came back home and ate our pizza and went for a walk. We ended up back at the celebration and we got Shaylee some cotton candy (yes she is STILL awake at 10:13) and got ourselves sticky buns. We played the machine with the crane that picks up toys and won shaylee a rubber squishy ball. It sounds like we did alot today, but it was pretty relaxing. Hope everyone had a good day! I am going to take some Pictures of Shaylee in her fourth of July outfit tomorrow, and i will post them after i take them!

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Michelle said...

Ok where are those pics of Shaylee?! I bet she was oh so adorable in her 4th of July outfit!