Friday, April 28, 2006

I have added a couple of links to my sidebar.....Yay!!! These are the three sites i visit everyday. One of the links is "Free the West Memphis Three" This website is amazing and i think every American should check it out. These 3 men are very close to my heart......i think of them everyday. In 1996 HBO aired a documentry called "Paradise Lost- The child murders at Robin Hood Hills" Some of you may have seen it. I just ask all of you to at least check out the website and watch the movie if possible. June is West memphis three awareness month, and i thought i might post here to bring new people to the website and hopefully they will gain your support. I have also added a link to Dita Von Teese's website She is a modern day Bettie Paige, burlesque, pinup girl. Some of the content may offend some people, just a heads up. The third is Trisomy 21 online, My life line :) I'm really liking this Blogging stuff.....I can talk about anything. Hopefully i'll learn how to add some pictures soon...........anyone have any tips??

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